why Me ??

Have you ever caught yourself in a difficult situation and then the words comes out of your mouth saying “But God Why Me?” why this happened to me God? 💔

I dont think this is the right way to think when you get into some problem or miserable condition. 

 I’m not sure that there is ever a good answer to those question other than “If not me then who?? We usually think that Why me ?? But we never noticed when we are getting back from difficult time or problem and entering in a beautiful situation then we never say that why me ??Most of all we only see is our problem not our benefits not our blessing we never ever think that the tough situation make us the best version of  our self. 

We have 2 choice when we get into trouble….

1) either you can feel sorry for yourself and whine ” Why Me” ?????

2) or you can step up take responsibility and declare ” Try Me”!!!


Never Give Up!

When you’re trying to achieve something in your life but it seems to be difficult, when you think the world is against you and no one seems to be your side, when even your inner self telling you that you can’t do it On that point you have to fight with yourself because you can do anything that you want in your life.

Ok I know sometimes due to some reasons life become too hard but it doesn’t mean you should give up , you’re allowed to scream, you’re allowed to cry but don’t give up on something that u want to see in your life , try try and try it again and again until it became a part of your life. 

At last, always be grateful what you have , be grateful for the wounds that pushes you towards your aim and goals and remember one think we always learn more overall on bad days than good days so be happy, be kind , be honest to yourself and Never Give Up!